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Garry's Mod Screenshots and Videos
I looked around the Gaming Discussion for a thread about sharing Garry's Mod screenshots and videos, and I never found one. So, I made this thread so anyone can share their own Garry's Mod screenshots and videos (because why not? :P).

Topic rules:
  • No 18+ screenshots or videos.

  • Screenshots and videos must be made by YOU.

  • (OPTIONAL) Put videos in spoiler tags to reduce page loading time. (If you can't embed a video on The VG Resource (eg. A video from Twitter), then it's alright to leave a link to it.)

Here's some of my screenshots:
    - A Zoroark taking pictures while riding a Lapras on a lake.
    - A random picture starring three villains. (Sorry about the lighting on Dr. Wily, there's nothing I can really do about it. :I)
    - PEACE!
    - Chillaxin' on the couch.
    - *DERP!* Hello!
    - Dragonite giving Pink Yoshi a balloon animal. (This one took a while to make. :|)
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