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Bleach: Death Awakening sprite
I know someone previously extracted this game but I need to extract a new character and I tried to get the textures of the next game Bleach Death Awakening of the character Shuangwang_Bankai is a sprite that is, it is not 3d, and treated with assets studio, ninja1.7, ninja2. 3, different emulators usually extract it almost well but the sprites of the characters are in black and white as if it were an alpha8 channel, if you want to download the game I recommend the following video is a game that explains how to enter the game if you can not find the aforementioned character, try anyone, I just want to know if this issue is mine or from the game
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(03-20-2022, 02:16 PM)pipposucco04 Wrote: Do you have this problem?

If possible can I download those Yhwach sprites so I can hand color them in photoshop ? And any other sprites that you might have ?
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