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Program thats splits Tilemaps into Tilesets
Hey Guys!
I dont know if this is the right place to post something like this, or if anyone would even be interested in it,
but I made a program that can split images / tilemaps into single tiles or a tileset and I thought some of you may find it interesting:

[Image: 8VJXTH.gif]

You can find a download and the source code here:
Source code

This program can:
- tile every image into every tilesize,
- print out only unique tiles as one big tileset or many single tiles,
- can check for unique tiles in other orientations
- and can sort the tileset by color.

I used this side for quite a while now (the images in the preview are also from this side), but I never came around to submit something myself,
so I thought this might be my submission.

I hope I can help someone with this small program.
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Hey there, nice job Smile

I had a look at your Github repo and I would suggest the following:

In your tiling implementation (, why not use a dictionary/hashtable to ensure you have unique tiles instead of a nested loop? Using a dictionary will get you an O(N) algorithm (since dictionary lookup is almost always constant time), whereas in the case of your nested loop, you'll have to compare a tile against all others in the worst case.
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