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Where are these objects located?
Just a quick and simple thread

I need the objects from Sonic and the Black Knight, I found them in the COMOBJ folder (Goal Ring only) but I cant find the rest of the Legacy Mission objects.

I specifically looking for.

Spike Panel

[Image: 563135-A0-2850-4-BC3-BC08-75970-DADEF6-F.jpg]

Dash Panel

[Image: 4-CF00-F13-3-B98-4-B17-9138-FB9-B4-C74-A5-BB.jpg]

Jump Panel

[Image: A915-A5-EB-AA9-C-43-C2-8-DA7-1-D50523-F3297.jpg]


[Image: F74-E0970-E85-E-43-E8-A6-E5-2-D6-D165-B927-C.jpg]

Wide Spring

[Image: 99-D99081-41-FA-41-B4-BEC7-74272-A6165-C4.jpg]

Any idea where these objects are located? Like what folder? If so please reply in the comments, if you’re  not going to reply and your just gonna look at this thread that is ok.
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