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Super Princess Peach: The Prince Rescue - SMB before SMB, like Donkey Kong, baby!

"It is me, Peach! *tee-hee-hee!*"
~ Princess Peach - Super Princess Peach: The Prince Rescue - 1981

Table of Contents

  1. Premise
  2. Basic Game-play (Not available yet...)
(To be continued! Heart )

1) Premise

A very long time ago, there lived a beautiful princess.

In a kingdom of strange mushrooms and fungi all around, this princess lived in a glorious castle to which her very own heritage was bound.

Her name — was Princess Peach.

Her land's name — was the Mushroom Kingdom.

Although ironic given the fact that the very land of hers composed of scavenging fungi, while she was a fresh, ripe peach herself, there was literally no doubt why the whole wide world over had had her legendary image on their very shelves.

Her appearance, was like that of a goddess.

Her beautiful skin often shone brighter than the sun itself, especially when that sun itself reflected off of that very skin. Her clothes—especially her beautiful, lovely, pink dress—was ever more pink than any other pink clothing before it; even a rotten, old apple wouldn't be able to spoil her whole style, it'd just appear pure pink against her garments.

The young Princess Peach had always enjoyed serving in her Mushroom Kingdom to her very own people—rightfully known as the Mushroom People or Retainers; or Toads—as one would literally never believe at first blush that she was indeed among the spiritual legends—in the exact same ranks as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and of course, the Tooth Fairy herself. She was that glorious in her whole, entire part.

* * *

Princess Peach, was rather old.

Naturally, having lived 60 wonderful years of her life, serving her very Mushroom Kingdom, she tended to struggle to move her muscles at times, and migraines were a bit of a problem point as well. But they, in and of themselves, were of all but naught an issue.

One thing about her, however, would very well much eventually turn her life upside down (pretty much) forever.

Her secret love interest—and boyfriendwith a handsome prince, in another very, very, far off Kingdom.

His name — on that other hand — was Prince Plum.

Princess Peach's father—the mighty Mushroom King—had always warned her not to have any part with this far off Kingdom that Plum himself resided in: the Flower Kingdom. Although there was but naught any fighting or warfare what-so-ever, tensions had proven strangling on both sides of the border between the two Kingdoms, and naturally—both side were receiving the brunt of it all so far at this very point in time.

* * *

But leading all the way up to that one faithful day, Princess Peach had kept her relationship between her and Prince Plum a top secret, ultimately hoping her Father and ancestry would never find out.

That one faithful day, however, disaster struck—the Prince had been kidnapped by Bowser! Oh no‼

Bowser, the terrible, fire-breathing turtle-dragon, had captured him, knowing that his efforts to conquer the Flower Kingdom (and most possibly the entire world over) would be but all for naught if he hadn't dealt with him first and fore-most. Just like our young Princess Peach in our story on this very fine day today, the young Prince Plum, too, had magic. Had Bowser not kidnapped him first, he and his magic would just reverse what Bowser had started. Having already kidnapped him now, he went on to use his terrible, terrible black magic of him and of his troops: the Koopa Tribe, to transform his once-lovely Flower People to mere stones, bricks, and even flower-killing fungi most foul.

* * *

Having heard the terrible news, the Mushroom King first thought it finally served him and his Kingdom rightthey were planning on eliminating these so-called "terrible" Flower People for good, ever since the initial conflict.

But then the wrath and the black magic of the now-dreaded Koopa began to spread further. And further, and further. It would at some point or another most unfortunately bring the Mushroom Kingdom itself too to its very crippled knees, among so many other lands of their lands, and then so much merry more.

The Mushroom Kingdom and the rest of his ancestry did not seem to notice. But "never noticing" would most certainly never slow down a spread like that, let alone stop it. The worst part is, young Princess Peach got more and more upset over her now-bereaved boyfriend, but her Father increasingly in anger demanded her to have literally no part with him anymore at all, which only made her even more upset. Eventually, she started bursting into tears on the spot every single morning, most frustrated by the eventual doom that could very well await Prince Plum and his once-beautiful, glorious Flower Kingdom, if he isn't saved but sooner. Her parents then thus began to ask her if she was o-kay, and why she had been crying the whole time every single day. But she couldn't even focus on their inquires on the worrying situation over her now suffering, bereaved boyfriend
... ... ... ...
Then — she snapped.
"I can't take it anymore", screamed the now-grimly insane young Princess Peach.
"All I want to do is see my beautiful, handsome boyfriend again"
"I don't even care anymore that you people hate each other! I've been with him for the longest time, and I absolutely hate to believe that the Mushroom and Flower Kingdoms should ever be fighting in the first place"
"How could you, Mushroom King‽ You dumb, screwed-up idiot All I want to do is see my boyfriend if I ever would again"

* * *
At this point in time, the Mushroom King had already considered having the poor young Princess Peach painfully executed and beheaded at the hands of the guillotine. And this was when she had (finally) admitted her romantic ties with the Prince of the Flower Kingdom, once and for all.
But were it not for his lovely, yet still-beautiful, wifeThe Mushroom Queenhaving intervened, she would've most certainly and tragically never gotten to see daylight ever again.
The Mushroom King stood there, fuming. But then his Wife told him that this war between the Mushroom and Flower Kingdoms had gone on but long enough now.
Ultimately haunted by his own very conscience, the Mushroom King finally broke down.
"Fine, young Princess Peach", he weeped and lamented.
"Your mother was right all along, and I should've listened to her but from the very beginning of it all. This war has gone on long enough. Literally all I care for at this point in time, is to get to see your boyfriend again, if you ever could again at all. Try not to be so hard on yourself, now, young Princess Peach. It's officially about time you've shown your own very moves and rescued this dear Prince Plum, for which he may eventually be doomed at the painful hands of the Koopa King, if nobody else but you rescues him in dear, urgent time as this, right at this very moment. Go, my young Princess Peach.
* * *
"You are Princess Peach! It's up to you to save the Flower People from the black magic of the Koopa!"

Not happy with it having ended thus so far? Well...
Heart Heart Heart Please Stay Tuned for more from this thread! Toodles for now! Heart Heart Heart
What did I ever say? Protegent?!
I haven't even said that!
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Curious what kind of art style you're gonna do? Use the actual Super Princess Peach art assets, or do this in one of the other games like SMB, 2, 3 or World? Or a completely original art style?
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The Flower Kingdom is also seen in the webcomic, Cucumber Quest!
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(03-28-2021, 11:25 AM)Izzi Wrote: Curious what kind of art style you're gonna do? Use the actual Super Princess Peach art assets, or do this in one of the other games like SMB, 2, 3 or World? Or a completely original art style?

Technically, it's a new art style. As mentioned, SPP:TPR is effectively a Donkey Kong-based arcade prequel to the original NES Super Mario Brothers. So, it's only natural that underlying SMB graphics will be used, along with using the original arcade Donkey Kong palette.

Here are some sprite examples to demonstrate.
[Image: Nx6LR3h.png] [Image: 7UR0LVa.png] [Image: ly6rOvf.png] [Image: n4buNzn.png] [Image: 0iVWl47.png] [Image: UCQudvw.png] [Image: abSOtxn.png] [Image: HYfWXgx.png]

Notice the differences? Should invoke a pret-ty extreme (and rather overwhelming) amount of nostalgia here. Especially given that we're literally looking at the Princess Peach before there were even the Super Mario Brothers in the first place. The days of arcade Donkey Kong and Mario Bros., mind you.
Although I was just gonna demonstrate 4 sprites total, there's even 4 bonus sprites, 2 of which are extras, including one (the Classic Pauline-styled Super (Princess) Peach) pertaining to SPP:TPR's sequel (you know, SPP:TPR2!), and 2 "duplicates" to "get the point across". (lol.)
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Here's the first image of the game's development.
[Image: qgUIg68.png]

This here is a sample scene, or section, of what could be considered a particular course, and it will represent how the courses will work in SPP:TPR as a whole.

Also, keep in mind that this program/game as a whole will be coded in Microsoft('s) Small Basic. Because it uses external resources that would cause the game itself to break had it been distributed "traditionally" - meaning via program IDs and links to the full "raw" programs themselves on the web - naturally, the only logical way of distributing it is via linking its .zip file from my Google Drive. Here it is now. Cheers.

Edit: There's also sound and (music) loop files inside the .zip itself. Perhaps you could take a listen for yourself. As always, I'm expecting feedback on the project so far. Thanks.
What did I ever say? Protegent?!
I haven't even said that!
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I've just made the first of the game's (actual) sprites.

[Image: 4HHVexg.png] [Image: rmuWqLo.png] [Image: c6ibVcP.png] [Image: FIryi1P.png] [Image: jC9dF8D.png] [Image: pM6QYqV.png] [Image: WQn3TgQ.png] [Image: QKrH24i.png]

This is (regular) Peach, and if she hits an enemy or hazard, she loses a life. Also, she cannot break brick blocks while in this form.

[Image: 99DqwMM.png] [Image: nVRqNuw.png] [Image: IrBUAnR.png] [Image: kbkksiu.png] [Image: 4ng9m9y.png] [Image: USWq8SB.png]

This is Super Peach. Unlike Regular Peach, Super Peach will just shrink back down to Regular Peach if she touches an enemy or hazard, and can break brick blocks in this form.

As always, please subscribe to this thread for more updates. Thanks! Heart
What did I ever say? Protegent?!
I haven't even said that!
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