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Mega Man X is Ready to Rock! 100% Guide (w/Achievements) for the series!
I find it funny that Agile resembles a robotic version of Jughead from Archie... for some reason. XD
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(05-24-2021, 02:37 AM)SmithyGCN Wrote: I find it funny that Agile resembles a robotic version of Jughead from Archie... for some reason. XD

I don't know WHY they settled on that design, and I don't think I ever will... But oh well. At least Neo Violen's pretty cool, right? 3rd hardest boss in the X series?

Well, here he is, and how to beat him without upgrades Smile

[Image: MMX2.png]

Bonus: Mega Man X2 (100% Guide)—Neo Violen without Armor Parts, Heart Tanks, or Sub Tanks!

Neo Violen stats:
HP: 32 (Weak to Bubble Splash—2 DMG from Uncharged version, 4 DMG from Charged version)
Damage: 2 (Scatter Shot), 3 (contact), 6 (Mace Tail)
Invincibility Frames: ~0.97 seconds' worth (Giga Crush=2 Damage)

Neo Violen A.I.:
1) Spawns three sets of platforms in a fixed pattern, and loops back to the start at the end.
2) Leans head back=Forward swing. Looks to the side=Overhead swing.

1) Get used to the movement you see whenever the 1st set of platforms spawn. Drill that into your muscle memory. That's where Violen tends to spend most of his time!

2) Watch his head movements! They tell you what kind of swing is coming!

3) Use his body (3 DMG) to damage boost past his mace (6 DMG)!

4) Remember that the platforms spawn in a *fixed* pattern. He starts every fight with the same one, then goes through the others in the exact same order!
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Someone on GameFAQs argued that OG Violen was harder than Neo Violen.  So, since the pop filter isn't here yet, and I don't have a mic I want to do anything better with...I decided to upload a video response to that—12 fights in a row with vanilla Violen.

[Image: MMX2.png]

Bonus #2: Mega Man X2 (100% Guide)—Why OG Violen is Easier than Neo Violen (No Upgrades, No Deaths)

ORIGINAL SONG: "Cunning Enemy" (the Ashtar/Jaquio fight from Ninja Gaiden II [NES])
REMIX BY: Mother Brain

Watch at 720p for better frame rate!  Otherwise, you'll miss some flickering and transparency effects!

Playing on SNES9X was the only way I could mute the sound channels, and unfortunately, its Input Display doesn't show up when recording AVI.  Stuff like that is why I usually use Bizhawk.

Violen stats:
Damage: 2 (Finger Guns), 3 (contact), 5 (Mace Tail)
Invincibility Frames: ~0.97 seconds' worth (Giga Crush=2 Damage)

Violen A.I.:
1) Leans head back=Forward swing. Looks to the side=Overhead swing.

1) Stay in the upper corners as much as you can to dodge the vast majority of attacks

2) Dash Jump to the other wall once Violen's passed into your side of the room.

3) Use his body (3 DMG) to damage boost past his mace (5 DMG) when needed.

4) Use Dash Shots as much as possible—Violen takes 2 DMG from those, unlike Neo Violen.

1) He does the bullet spam FAR more often than Neo Violen—I fought both versions several dozen times while making each video, so I don't think it's just personal experience. At the very least, he never seems to do the "standing" version of it as Neo Violen (I suspect it outright replaces the "change platforms" move, as OG Violen).

2) His mace only does 5 DMG. It's a 4HKO, not a 3HKO. That's one of the big reasons why I won some of the fights in that video, rather than losing a few, like I did against Neo Violen did.

3) There are significantly less variables to track, now that the platforms are gone. Not nearly as much clutter on the screen, nor objects shifting around every few seconds, nor as many surfaces for the mace to bounce off.

4) The mace itself often takes longer to get to you, since it has to zig-zag across a big, empty room.
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Deeply sorry for how long this took. TL;DR...

1) I got a new job working with children on the spectrum. Cool as that is, it also required a lot of time and training—an abrupt change to being in lockdown for a year

2) I was unsatisfied with how much silence there originally was in the commentary, and wanted to fill those in before uploading.

3) Skaizo wants to record earlier, while I want to record later—still figuring that out.

But regardless, here it is at last! The stirring reunion with Zero, and the fight against the resurrected Sigma. Can we crush him once and for all?! Find out, today!

[Image: MMX2.PNG]

Part 6: Mega Man X2 (100% Guide)—Zero, Sigma, Ending Credits & Review (All Trophies)

You must set Youtube to 720p for it to display the SNES' full frame rate. Otherwise, some effects won't render properly.

IMPROVED SHORYUKEN INPUTS (1 DMG on contact, then 8 DMG every 2 frames):
1) Forward, then hold Down & Forward while Shooting (Forward Shoryuken)
2) Forward, then hold Down & Backward while Shooting (Backward Shoryuken)

9) "Zero Square"—Zero crushes Black Zero (need to defeat all X-Hunters in the Maverick stages)
10) "It's Really Over"—Beat Viral Sigma
11) "The Price of Peace is Often High"—Watch the ending credits

1) Walk far enough into the Zero boss room that X's fist touches the chair, then do a Shoryuken. X will go past the point that would force him to walk backward into the left side, and land in the center.

2) Let the textbox hang after Zero sends you through the floor on accident, until Sigma's text starts.

3) Clear Sigma's text, then Shoryuken as his health fills. That will extend the normal Shoryuken invincibility to last until you perform another.

4) Do a Shoryuken during Electric Spark, as that's when Sigma's vulnerable. If you miss, you'll lose your invincibility, and have to do the fight normally!

Zero stats:
HP: 31 (Weak to Speed Burner—Immune to all other Maverick weapons)
Damage: 2 (Saber Shot), 2 (Earth Geyser), 3 (contact), 4 (Charged Shot), 5 (Saber Dash)
Invincibility Frames: ~0.97 seconds' worth (Giga Crush=2 Damage)

Zero A.I.:
1) His moves are done entirely in response to yours
2) You can cancel out his buster & saber shots with Charged Shots, or enough pellets

Neo Sigma stats:
HP: 32 (Weak to Sonic Slicer—Immune to all other Maverick weapons)
Damage: 2 (contact), 2 (Plunge), 2+2 (Slash), 4 (Electric Spark), 6 (Charged Electric Spark)
Invincibility Frames: ~0.97 seconds' worth (Giga Crush=2 Damage)

Neo Sigma A.I.:
1) Attacks phase through him while he's dashing or jumping upward
2) He is also invincible during the Charged Electric Spark

Viral Sigma stats:
HP: 64 (Weak to Strike Chain—Immune to all other Maverick weapons, as well as LVL 1-2 Shots)
Damage: 2 (contact), 2 per hit (Viral Wrap), 4 (Enemy Orbs), 6 (Laser)
Invincibility Frames: ~0.97 seconds' worth (Giga Crush=2 Damage)

Viral Sigma A.I.:
1) You can dodge the laser just by standing on the side it starts on
2) Changes color for every 8 HP lost.
3) Starts doing Viral Wrap at 16 HP or less (red)
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Well everyone, it's finally here! I completed the Mega Man X3 100% All Achievements run, I'll be submitting it to the leaderboards, and the LP is soon to come! And don't worry—the LP will be using a different boss route, especially during the midgame. You won't be spoiling yourselves too much by watching it. Happy day after New Years, and God bless!

[Image: MMX3.png]

Mega Man X3—100% Speedrun with All Achievements/Trophies/Hunter Medals (57:24.114)

THUMBNAIL ART BY: Opacous (a good friend of mine)

1) "Speed Isn't Everything"—Reach Bit without a Ride Armor and win without the aid of special weapons.
2) "Power Isn't Everything"—Reach Byte without a Ride Armor and win without the aid of special weapons.
3) "Fight Fair!"—Destroy Vile MK-2's Ride Armor (DRA-00).
4) "Persistence Isn't Everything"—Reach Vile MK-2 without a Ride Armor and win without the aid of special weapons.
5) "All Units Stand By"—Obtain all four Ride Armor chips.
6) "Third Armor"—Obtain all four armor parts.
7) "Always Believe in Your Soul"—Obtain the Hyper Chip.
8) "He Wanted You to Have This"—Receive Zero's beam saber.
9) "X-Treme Danger"—Defeat Kaiser Sigma without the Hyper Chip.
10) "It's Over...Right?"—Defeat Kaiser Sigma.
11) "To Save Mankind"—Watch the ending credits until the "Thank You for Playing" screen [skipped due to redundancy]
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