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Insomniac 2016 engine formats
I'm interested in ripping assets from Ratchet and Clank for the PS4, for use in mods and as art references (not to mention it would just be really neat). Other people have expressed interest as well but no one seems to have any idea on how to actually do it; no tools exist for the version of Insomniac Engine (Orbis i believe is its internal name) that Ratchet 2016 runs on. Tried looking for anything regarding other Insomniac titles released that year, no luck. Closest thing i found was a tool for Spiderman also on PS4; unfortunately as Daemon explained to me, the tool is incompatible with the game since Spiderman released nearly 3 years later and uses a much newer build of the engine.

I wish i could give you guys some screenshots, but i don't have the hard drive with the pkg dump of the game handy on me; i'll just have to describe what the files look like. The game's filesystem is compressed into archives, beginning something like "g00s00" all the way down to 12. There's a very convenient Excel spreadsheet with rich detail on everything in those archives; file name, directory, offset and file size, which archive it's in etc. From what i can gather looking at it, the filesystem within the archives looks pretty similar to what you would find in a RaC game for PS3 (one folder for characters, another called orbis, so on). The sheet tells you literally everything you need to know except the compression format. We know where each asset is, WHAT it is, and which archive it is contained in; we just haven't cracked how yet.

I for one know nothing about file formats or compression/encryption; i was hoping someone familiar with Insomniac titles could take a look. We're SO close, other Ratchet games have had stuff ripped from them no problem and Spiderman has had multiple assets pulled from it as well. Would anyone else be interested in investigating this game?
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i am stuck same as you exept that i dont find that Excel spreadsheet...
i hope in someone that make a BMS for it
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These are the files i found inside the ps4 game.
Models and textures are inside these files, for sure

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