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The Endless Road: REMASTERED for PC
[Image: 127528912_230711248475630_81991433117622...e=5FF38434]

Hey, I just thought I might say something here (since I don't really have anywhere where else to advertise) that I'm making a remake of The Endless Road from when I used to use Scratch to make 'computer games' years ago by the name WafflesRAmazing.
I looked back at it, and was surprised at how horrible it was, and also at how many views it had gotten. So, I was like, "Hey, why not?"
I'm using ProMotion NG for the sprite work, and Gamemaker Studio 2 for the coding. This will be my first game to officially release!
I'll be posting occasional updates about my progress on Twitter and Facebook. Please check it out! B) B) B) B)

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