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Custom Zelda Sound Scheme for windows 10
I made a sound theme using sounds from a link to the past (SNES) for windows 10, thought i would share it 
extract the files to your media folder, then go to your sound settings and set them as your sounds, they are renamed for easier placement
ZharK is the original submitter and ripper of the sounds and deserves alot of credit, i just sorted trough and chose which sound should be used

if anyone needs help or want me to further raname them to make easier just ask
hope you guys enjoy

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.zip   zelda (Size: 969.57 KB / Downloads: 543)
.zip   zelda sounds (Size: 682.04 KB / Downloads: 417)
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Sharing your sound scheme with the community is a great way to spread some Zelda nostalgia and make Windows 10 a little more fun and personalized. Extracting the files to the media folder and setting them as sounds in the sound settings sounds like a straightforward process.
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