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Update - Kirby's Pinball World!
Hello to all on The VG Resource Forums! Some of you might have seen an older post of mine about a fangame called "Kirby Quest 2." Well, I regret to inform that the project was cancelled. BUT! The game was actually reformed into a new fangame project! Everyone say hello to... Kirby's Pinball World! 
Kirby's Pinball World is a sequel to the game Kirby's Pinball Land, now with a fleshed out story mode, new sprites, and a buttload of Fan Service for all those Kirby Fans out there! If this sounds interesting to any of you, and you wanna help work on the game, it would be much appreciated! Currently, it's only me, but if I could get a team (even if small) to help with this game, that's be amazing! So to all you Kirby Fans out there, don't miss the opportunity! Come join the team!

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The Story

It all started one night in D
Kirby and the rest of Dreamland were sleeping. It was nice and peaceful, and it seemed nothing could go wrong. But, if you know anything about Kirby plotlines, that of course is not the case. During the night, the Mysterious Pinball Wizard Pinbera attacked, and sucked up all of Dreamland with their magic Pinball Staff! Now, all are stuck in Pinbera's twisted game, and must fight to escape.

The Gameplay

The main gameplay heavily resembles the mechanics of Kirby's Pinball Land and the Sub-Game from Mass Attack, Kirby Brawl Ball. You are thrown into a specific board, and must attempt to get to the top so you can beat the boss at the end of each level, or get the Warpstar. One addition to the game is the brand new....


The way Multiplayer mode functions is 2 Pinballs are on screen, each a different player. As Player 1, you have the ability to control the flippers while navigating, while Player 2 mostly just needs to get to the top. As the 2nd Player, you get to play as another Kirby, or a helper. Like in Kirby Super Star, as a helper, if you lose all your HP, you have a limited amount of time were you can touch another enemy to take their power before you explode.
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