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Super Princess Peach: The Prince Rescue [DK ARCADE-STYLE FANGAME] [CRITIQUE WELCOME]
It is me, Peach! (Tee-Hee-Hee!)

Princess Peach - August 2nd & 24th, 1981

Fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen. It's Princess Peach Pandemonium.

It's not about Pac-Man Fever or Going Ape Over Donkey Kong anymore. Now, it's Pure Princess Peach Pandemonium.

Chills! Thrills! Test Your Skills!
Shrills! Spills! Make A Killin'!

Summer Of 1981-1982 - Queen Of Peach: Gambling With Pure Quarters.

It's Princess Peach's Day To Shine. And YOU Get To Have A Piece Of HER Cake.


A once-legendary kingdom has fallen. Where it used to be all flowers and sunshine, is now a ruined, wilted, cold and gray wasteland of its former glory. Its quiet, peace-loving inhabitants known as the Flower People turned into mere stones, bricks, and even flower-eating fungi, and the Flower Kingdom in which they lived peacefully transformed and turned on its head into an apocalyptic, nuclear-fueled and -driven industrial district. Who would be able to redeem this fallen kingdom in such a sorry, sad, and irreparable state? Well, the Flower Prince, of course.

Well, if the Flower Prince could. Unfortunately, however, there was something, or rather, someone else, among the havoc of the kingdom. The evil, tyrannical Koopa Turtle King. You see, he took the Flower Prince, and held him prisoner. Now literally all hope and chance of his former Flower Kingdom has been lost.

That was, until someone else came along. A beautiful maiden. A daughter of royalty also. A Toadstool Princess, whom we now know as the Peach Princess this very day.

But there's something else among the plight of the Flower Kingdom that is even much more disturbing to her than the actual crisis itself. A much-coveted, life-completing relationship that she had held for dear life and had maintained up to this very point.

The handsome Flower Prince just so happened to be Princess Peach's life-long boyfriend.

That's right! This time around, you're not the brave carpenter, or even the knight in shining armor, for that matter. Now, you ARE the beautiful maiden yourself!

"HELP! HELP!" cries the handsome prince as he is held captive in Bowser's Castle, awaiting the knight, or rather, dame, that will come in time to rescue him and his kingdom, and sweep him off of his feet. "ROAR! ROAR!" Foreboding music warns of the eventual doom that awaits the poor prince and his fallen kingdom, lest he somehow be miraculously rescued, and by some cosmic chance, have his kingdom rise again from the very ashes of Bowser's wrath. "But, wait! Fear not, fine prince. The young Princess Peach, the Toadstool Princess, is coming to you in a shining dress of armor, to rescue you and your kingdom from this terrible turtle and sweep you off your feet, this very moment."

Throwing fate to the wind, risking life and limb, or for worse, young Princess Peach tries desperately, and with all her heart and soul, to infiltrate the 8 vast worlds of the glorious Mushroom Kingdom she presently and proudly resides in, to rescue her Prince Charming from the scaly hands of the evil King Koopa, and restore his beloved kingdom to its former glory. Young Princess Peach must face all manner of evil and obstacles head-on-- Little Goombas, Koopa Troopas, the rest of Bowser's diabolical army, and of course, what a certain little Mario in our just-recent past had to face himself, fireballs, plummeting beams and a barrage of exploding barrels fired at her by a certain Donkey Kong somewhere else in her world.

Your challenge here this time around? Maneuver young Princess Peach through a most terrible, dangerous obstacle course, avoiding the very hazards that block her way to victory, such as bricks, question blocks, and even terrible turtle cannons, all while avoiding and toppling over the very turtle tribe army that comes her way. Along the way, you'll encounter all manner of very powerful, yet somehow very strange, power-ups in the Mushroom Kingdom itself.

Magic Mushrooms make Princess Peach grow big and Super and allow her to take a fatal hit once without perishing where she unfortunately would otherwise had. Fire Flowers turn her all hot and Fiery, and allow her to shoot fireballs down at a 45-degree angle to strike her enemies, or use a certain kind of block as a fireball mount to her greater advantage. Starmans turn her into a immortal human being herself and prevent her from ever getting hurt or killed at all for only a very small duration of 15 seconds. And the Life Mushroom gives her another chance at life, literally, by giving her an extra life to be reborn from whenever she tragically perishes in battle, by her soul reclaiming her spot at the beginning of a land or at a claimed checkpoint. Oh, and of course, by the way, Golden Coins are scattered everywhere too -- the lost treasury of Princess Peach and the Prince Flower scattered everywhere and about by the evil, fiery vengeance of the evil Koopa King. More Power-Ups are present in this strange new world, hers for the taking at any point in her quest. But you will need to explore diligently and gallantly in order to find every magic Power-Up this Mushroom Land has to offer.

All in all, you have to fight your very way through 8 dangerous Mushroom worlds, with a total of a whopping 32 lands -- 4 each world -- for her to conquer and reclaim from Bowser for herself.

Therefore, it is your job, or rather, quest, to get young Princess Peach to the Prince by seeking him out throughout these 8 different, strange worlds. For as the texts have before foretold, it is there, and only there, that the valiant young Princess Peach can throw the mighty, steel-resolve King Bowser Koopa out of his throne, send him to his mortal doom once and for all, and give rise to the Flower Kingdom once again, along with ultimately and once-and-for-all, her newly rescued Prince Charming -- Prince Blossom.

So, why are you still sitting around doing absolutely nothing while the Flower Kingdom wilts and suffers under Bowser's cruel rule? If you really want to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity -- Witnessing the epic quest of a first in female protagonist video gaming as you finally get to see a girl save a boy, and his kingdom, from a terrible, tyrannical, fire-breathing dragon turtle, in a vast, beautiful medieval kingdom setting, rather than the other way around like you've ALWAYS seen before in the miserable pile of secrets that is presently your life -- look no further than the original Super Mario Bros. adventure -- Super Princess Peach: The Prince Rescue.

Accept NO substitutes, and DON'T be fooled by blatant imitations.

Let's first get the very basics of the title out of the way quickly, in only 10 bullet points. Since I'm just getting the very basic idea out of the way for now therefore, and that I'd like to keep this first iteration short and to-the-point, I'll only expand on this thread as time progresses.

  1. Super Princess Peach: The Prince Rescue, will be built off of Donkey Kong's arcade hardware what it itself was built off of Radar Scope's.
    In other words, Radar Scope is finally gonna get to realize the joys of being a grandfather.

  2. Because of the obvious hardware limitations, many features will probably have to be cut in order for the game itself to fit on the hardware.
    One such example will be the exclusion of smooth movement, which was of course present in the original Super Mario Bros. Instead, pseudo-smooth movement, or fake smooth movement, will be used. Instead of floating-point numbers governing the entirety of Mario's movement in SMB, whole/integer number pixel-per-frame speeds will still be used, but from "raw" floating-point numbers only being calculated in the background and then that getting rounded up to a true integer number, which will take up much less space than the floating-point numbers, allowing the game itself to fit on the arcade hardware.

  3. Even outside that, for the space aplenty that the exclusion of many features may leave behind, several bonus content not originally available in the original SMB will be available in SPP:TPR.
    One of these examples would be the inclusion of new Worlds, totaling up to a grand total of 16 Worlds with 64 Courses, and features from the PC-8801 and Sharp X1 Super Mario Bros. Special, including Items, Power-Ups, and Enemies. Secondly, cutscenes will also occur on a "blank" screen rather than only "in-game" like on the original Donkey Kong. Finally, these 8 extra Worlds will fit into very distinct categories: 4 as Special Worlds, and 4 as Expert Worlds. Those Worlds have a unique requirement for entering them not seen in Mario games leading up to that point with SPP:TPR. The Special Worlds can only be accessed if the player manages to jump over the flagpole and enter the top pipe in the T-Pipe leading to an Underground or Underwater Course from a Ground course. If the player has missed the flagpole by accident, however, they can still play the game normally by going into the left pipe instead. The Expert Worlds can be accessed by achieving a certain secret objective in the game, which will be mentioned in bullet points 9 and 10 later. Starting with the next 4 bullet points, the Special Worlds will be discussed in detail.

  4. There will also be Secret Exits in the game that always come in the form of a pipe leading to an Underground or Underwater stage/Course from a Ground Course, which can be accessed by taking the top pipe section on the T-pipe itself instead of the left one.
    If she enters through it, she won't be taken down through the pipe, as per usual, but instead, launched like that of a Warp Cannon from it into the Secret World. If the player were to accidently jump over the flagpole, had already gone too far ahead of it to reach it anymore, and would rather not enter the secret world, Peach can just take the left pipe instead to directly go to the Underground/Underwater Course, she normally would in the intermission upon actually touching the flagpole.

  5. From there, Peach will end up in either Secret World A, B, C, or D, depending on what World she was in at the time when she entered the top pipe.
    Peach will then play a larger-scale version of Donkey Kong, with the SPP:TPR platforming mechanics instead of Donkey Kong's. The Courses in these Secret Worlds are twice as tall as their Donkey Kong arcade counterparts, and although are still built in a way to "deter" just jumping from one girder to the other, literally just requiring you to use the ladders and the ladders only, it's still possible with Super Platforming (meaning, being extremely good at it, but it's essentially extremely difficult to pull off, and especially when speedrunning.) The Secret Worlds have 2, 4, and 6 Courses respectively, all faithfully following the same basic structure of Donkey Kong's original common Course setups, which those consist of 2, 4, and 6 Courses also in the game itself. After completing a Special World, with the exception of World D, the player will be transported 2 Worlds ahead to the next World where there is an Underground or Underwater Course present. As with World D, the player actually has 2 chances, not just 1 chance, in this world, to get to World D, so even if they miss the secret pipe at the end of 7-1, they can still reach World D through 7-2's end of the level, leading down to the Underwater course, instead. It still counts completely towards having completed World D, regardless of if you've taken the pipe in 7-1 or 7-2.

  6. The only exception is World D, which replicates the failed US Radar Scope instead. (It was fairly successful in Japan, but not in North America.)
    World D will essentially allow the player to complete the game early, by essentially skipping the final 8th World and getting to the end of the game from there, and with a secret ending to boot. The gameplay is essentially an exact replication of a miniature version of Radar Scope, in which Peach will "Infiltrate the Enemy Kingdom" in her Sonic Spaceport starship.
    This World will feature the usual 4 Courses, but in a completely different manner than literally all the rest. In World D, Peach has captured the Sonic Spaceport from Bowser himself, whom he had captured a year prior, to pilot her starship to Bowser's Castle from there. Unfortunately, Bowser had already found out about the capture and had just already called in the former Gamma Raiders to form a war alliance against poor Princess Peach, in order to prevent her from progressing.
    Now, in the first 2 Courses, Peach must defend her newly-acquired Sonic Spaceport from marauding Gamma Raiders until she can gain enough power from it to shoot out and fly all the way to Bowser's Spaceport, in the very center of the universe, whom he himself had now taken up as defense against Peach instead, and as hostage for him, directly from there, to rescue Prince Blossom. In the 3rd Course, Peach flies through the havoc of the oncoming Gamma Raiders, as she propels warp speed towards the Spaceport itself.

  7. In the 4th and final Course of World D, Peach confronts the Spaceport that Bowser now mans, and his own Bowser Spaceport warship.
    Peach no longer has to defend her own spaceport from there. Instead, this time around, she must destroy Bowser's Spaceport herself in order to release Prince Blossom from his intergalactic prison. You should try and keep Bowser's warship at bay as much as possible, meaning shooting it down as much as you can, as this can significantly hinder your chances of destroying the Spaceport yourself with him and his Gamma Raider troops. Destroying the Spaceport itself at the end of the game will release Prince Blossom, leaving Peach to rescue him from there. However, the first ending of the game will still play like completing the game normally.

  8. There will also be new Power-Ups and Items in SPP:TPR, notably from Super Mario Bros. Special.
    These include:

    Clock: Increases time by 10 in-game seconds.
    Wings: Allows Peach to "swim" or fly in Non-Underwater Courses.
    Starwoman: Actually looks like an atom from the sun. When touched, removes every single enemy on the screen, including airborne ones, unlike the POW Block. Physics work exactly like that of the Starman.
    Hammer: Although rarer than the Starman, and can only attack from the front, top and bottom, leaving her vulnerable in the back, unlike Starman, there are several distinct advantages to the Hammer over Starman. First, it lasts twice as long as the Starman, which only lasts 15 seconds, whereas the Hammer can last a whole 30 seconds. Secondly, unlike Starman, Peach can actually break Brick Blocks from all four sides, but only the from the side also if she's facing them. This can, however, potentially prove dangerous if there are a lot of bricks around her, especially if from below. Or, Overthere (Heaven) forbid, the floor is simply made up of brick blocks. . . .
    Trinkets: Princess Peach's lost and dropped items blown back into and around the Mushroom Kingdom after formerly having been borrowed by Pauline (Lady) in the original Donkey Kong. The Trinkets are: Hat, Parasol, Purse, Ring, Candy, Perfume, Cake, and Tiara. These items appear in the order just shown here, not at random, but with each next question block that was struck containing one, and will award a point bonus, from 100, 300, or 500, all the way to 5000, 8000, or 10000, as the game progresses.
    This would also imply that these Trinkets were not originally Pauline's. Instead, they've actually originally belonged to Princess Peach instead.

    These are only the new Power-Ups that will be in the game. Future updates of this thread will list all of the power-ups and items in the entire game, including its new ones.

  9. Okay. We're finally getting to the last 2 bullet points, which we've been saving for the very last.
    Believe it or not, if you complete Normal Mode through normal gameplay and Plus Mode only playing through the Donkey Kong and Radar Scope Worlds and Courses, (with the exception of the Worlds/Courses required to access those Worlds/Courses, such as 1-1 or 3-1), you'll unlock the 4 Expert Worlds, as a final test for the player themselves, which will lead to the final secret 2nd ending of the game. Every Course in the 4 Expert Worlds are 1/4 a normal course's size, in other words, the length of an entire World in World 0 accounts for that of a single Course in the Main Worlds, but they'll still push and challenge the player to and beyond their very limits. They will have to perform some of the most profound and best platforming and gameplay they can pull out in order to complete these 4 Expert Worlds, complete the game, and achieve the secret second ending. The 4th Course in the 1st World of the Expert Worlds will consist of the normal Bowser on his bridge, while the 2nd World will redo the final Bowser confrontation at the end of the main game in World 8-4. The 3rd World, however, will be completely unique. The Mario Bros., Mario and Luigi, will be waiting to duke it out with Princess Peach, in order to release Lady, or Pauline, at the very end of the game, in order for her to grant her a wish that will undo the mental and emotional damage caused by Princess Peach's breakup with Mario in her infant/childhood.

  10. In light of that, here we go! Here's the final bullet point regarding the final secret second ending.
    Luigi is first, being not as aggressive, and more conservative. Mario, however, is a whole different ballgame. Rather than conservative, he's aggressive. Both Brothers use what Mario himself has shown in Donkey Kong, except much more robust, like in this game, SPP:TPR, with this even including all of Donkey Kong's moves and shenanigans, practically literally everything that could harm from Donkey Kong itself. Luigi just simply "spin-jumps" when stomped, and it only takes 3 hits to K.O. him, where he just launches up into the air and then falls back down below. He then jumps back on to the arena, letting Princess Peach know that Pauline wasn't there, but she now could, however, get access to Mario's Palace from there, to rescue her, since he mentioned that she's actually located there.

    Mario is much more aggressive in this second and secret final boss battle. Here, he requires a whopping 6 hits to kill. Two strikes just simply K.O.'s Mario, and will just jump back up and advance to the next of the battle's 3 phases. Once the final and 6th strike has been made, Mario won't launch into the air again as a final defeat like last time, with Luigi.

    Instead, tragically, Mario spins around and plops down on his back on the ground, dead, like in the original Donkey Kong. Feeling extreme grief and sadness for the death of Mario, Princess Peach comes to realize just how unloving and heartless she was to Mario around her breakup with him and leading up to this point, and feeling extreme and crushing heartbreak for the grieving loss of who was actually a very good and great friend indeed, Princess Peach kisses Mario on the cheek in one last act of kindness, heart and love, apologizing for the sheer hatred and anger she's had for him up to that point, not expecting for him to ever come back again. To her surprise and as a miracle, Mario revives, and he wakes up, opening his eyes, with his back still on the ground. He then weakly apologizes back to her for the anger and hatred he had shown her back until that point, and then lets her know that their final battle/task has woken Mario and Luigi up from their dark dreams.

    He then gracefully and gladly releases Pauline, or the Lady, and then Pauline/Lady tells Peach that she can grant her one wish, and one wish only -- also revealing to the player and her that she herself is actually a goddess that had come to earth as and was self-reduced to an average beautiful maiden, (along with Rosalina, which would later be revealed in "later" games). Peach wishes for all the damage that had been done to Mario, Luigi, Peach, Pauline, and everyone else's life, from her breakup with Mario to be completely undone. Turns out, the universe had to be reborn in this particular case.

    The universe then returns to its infinitely small particle form (from the Big Bang theory), and then explodes, resulting in the universe being reborn, just like from Super Mario Galaxy (1). Pauline then faces the player, floating in space, among the stars. She then tells the player directly:

    Do you hear the baby stars? These newborns will grow up to become galaxies someday.
    When stars die, they turn into stardust and scatter across the cosmos.
    Eventually, that stardust reforms to create a new star... And so the cycle of life continues.
    But the cycle never repeats itself in quite the same way...'ll see. Someday.

    Princess Peach then wakes up in her Mushroom Kingdom, with her, Prince Blossom, Bowser (surprisingly), and Mario. All four of them have no memories of their past, but have feelings they've come from the life of the previous universe and have done things in it. After some "awkward" greetings and "looking around again", Mario then decides to kiss Princess Peach, which results in the two making out, kissing and caressing. Meanwhile, Prince Blossom, knowing that he just needed to move on anyway, decides to let Mario and Peach do their own thing together. He then looks as Bowser, sees a very kind ruler in him with pain and hurt inside his heart, and in an act of great love, decides for them to hug each other, to show that the two, particularly Blossom to Bowser, love and care for each other, and see the good and faults in the two of each other. At the end of the cutscene, Princess Peach happily opens her hands to the sky, facing the player, with all the other characters stopping what they were doing to watch, with one final message to the player in flashing color letters, presumably from her, proclaiming and exclaiming: "Welcome! Welcome new universe!!". The final secret second ending is then achieved, with a 1,000,000-point bonus for doing so, and the High Score board and Game Over screen show up and follow next after that, completely ending the game, and returning the player all the way back to the title screen.

Phew. That was a LOT to unpack here.

This is only just the gist of the game itself. This thread will be updated over time to display new information about the game, its updates, and its overall core idea behind the game. Please stay tuned. Thank you.
What did I ever say? Protegent?!
I haven't even said that!
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I hate to bump this on such short notice, and it's been a while, of course, but I need some help regarding textures in the game itself, specifically tile-sets. Hopefully this is the right thread to do so. Smile

You see, I'm actually interested in how colors work in the original Donkey Kong arcade machines, stuff like color palettes, how colors are applied to assets like background tiles and sprites, and whether they work the exact same as NES color palettes, or outside that, etc.

The point is, I'm trying to figure out how to apply the colors from the Donkey Kong arcade palettes into the SMB palettes correctly, and I'm getting stuck at every possible intersection in the maze towards it. Nothing but dead ends all around.

If anyone is interested in helping, please feel free to. I could REALLY use the help from y'all, and I DO need it anyway, by the way. Thanks. Smile 

By the way, I have actually tried searching for answers online. I never got anything good, or even related to my issue, for that matter. This just makes me suspect they're not even trying to make search engines better, especially not for deals like this, nowadays.


By the way, regarding the OP, it's essentially outdated. I've never been truly able to figure out how to go about setting up SPP:TPR and its sequel SPP:TPR2, and so naturally, it'll be a while before the OP gets updated to match the new version of the game itself.

For now, Toodle-oo. Heart
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