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The Ninjuzzle Game Proyect
Hi :D

Ummm... I am Bomb Man, and... i'm making an indie game.

So, this proyect is called "Ninjuzzle" [Image: gzoVkYDK#YWTMRHWXmVNW85Zh5YUkoXi5JYd4t5RygxovTTqkE_k] , and the synopsis of the game is that, after signing a world peace treaty (as if that were to happen in this world haha), some guys (something like terrorists) are going to launch a nuclear weapon with which they will take over the world and bring the war back, and one of the governments in the treaty sends one of its special units to stop the plans of those bad guys. This "special unit" would become the protagonist of the game: Thunder Ninja [Image: 0n4DyCob#SoDAbJziuJRlJF-OOvClABmAAXaNAoOlaJS_fUEcr0M] (yeah, I know that TN doesn't look like a ninja very much, but that guy is a ninja, believe me).

The game style is a kind of combination, between the aerial view and the puzzle solving system of The Legend Of Zelda (that's why it's called Ninjuzzle, for Ninja and Puzzle), a combat system like Shovel Knight's, and TN also takes away the bosses their special weapon in a style like Mega Man. But it does not end there, since it can also combine 2 different weapons to generate a more powerful attack, that would be the point to highlight and remember about this game.

But about the game progress... well, I have only a handful of things :/
Specifically, I just have the designs of the main characters of the game (TN, the main villain called Zack, the 8 principal bosses,1 of the final bosses, a guy who has "personal" problems with TN, and 2 other special characters), some sprites made by me (on Paint xd) of TN standing, moving, using his Thunder Sword in a combo (like Zero from Mega Man X, for example) and throwing his Tesla Shurikens [Image: s2pzyaAT#IqaO_DT43RvSEXajS2J6jizEppSQVvo2MlQykueX3Aw] (on the empty space below, I have it like this to have the space to later make the other sprites that I lack), and, the structure of the first level of the game [Image: 83wX1KCC#74UUWjY3ito8Pucz16Z-BNY86DQTEnAe_3iYTLEnYxM] (also done in Paint and written in Spanish because I'm from Latin America, get me out of here :,( ).

And when I finally release this game, I want to make 3 other stories for the game with the 2 special characters and one of the bosses (which is a girl :3 ).

But Damn, it's hard to make all this by myself on Game Maker Studio (the program I'm using to create the game, and not even GM2, because my PC needs a 64-bit operating system to be able to install it :,( ). Dude, I still have to make the other 11 levels of the game, all the sprites of TN, the bosses, other enemies, and a lot of other things.
Also, I have to learn how to use the GM well and fix a bug with the camera, which causes it not to be well aligned to where I want the camera to be. [Image: sron1ChY#S6Sdx3gI7K-HI_fueJLrxQ6srDS1EWXcymaFhQXVVd4] (Although now that I think about it, maybe it goes all the way up there because of the collision objects I have there, but if that were the case, I would also have to misalign X, so I don't know what the problem is :/ ).

I really could use some extra help to achieve my dream.

Sorry if some things are not understood very well, I do not speak much English and I used the Google translator :)
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