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Width Override
Hi all! I'm not sure how many of you would actually care about a feature like this but I had a random idea the other day and decided to add it in as an experiment. So for those of you who are logged in, you can now override the width of the main site layouts. For those that want to return to the old fixed width (980px) or those who have huge screens and want less wasted space on the left and right, head on over to your edit profile (which is available from the user box or mobile navigation menu from all sites) and you should see the new "Width Override" option.

In the current setup, the sites take up 85% of your available screen width and cap out at 1860px (which is enough to fit exactly 10 sheet icons across in one row). You can mix and match them to tailor the experience to your tastes a bit though. For instance, if you want the old width back, you'd set width to 980px and max-width to either default or anything larger than 980px. Or, if you have a big screen and want it to take up 85% and not stop at 1860px, set the max-width to 85% and leave width at default (or set both to the same percentage if you want a larger or smaller area).

Like I said, this was more just about being a fun experiment for me but hopefully, at least a couple of you find it useful. Just keep in mind that it only applies if your screen width is already 1200px or greater - the rest of the responsive layout features kick in at under 1200 as usual.
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On a screen resolution of 1600px, and took it up to 98% (I like seeing the mushroom backdrop). Have to say, it's pretty fine looking!
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