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The Nintendo Switch .bars file structure (with a small change regarding to finding)
So, i decided to reverse engineer the nintendo switch .bars files here... (i feel like i'm so amateur in reverse engineering file structures  Unsure )
i use a hex editor program to see the .bars file inside

So far, here's what i got:

The structure itself consists of:

-Header. This is obvious one. It begins with BARS

-Tags? (in QWORD format), used for some sort of, "sorting" file order, (but unfortunately i cannot figure out the hex representations of each byte in a QWORD)

It actually goes like this... (this is found in Keyboard_Boy_en.bars , a keyboard sound played when typing in english keyboard, as a boy in a game animal crossing new horizons)
[Image: 064b1c1883.png]
in Keyboard_Boy_en.bars, there are 36 AMTA tags, and the picture above contains 36 QWORDs of Tags(?), matching the number of AMTA tags contained within.

Example: (first QWORD)
C0 01 00 00 80 10 00 00

-File name (Begins with AMTA tag with certain format: AMTA <code> File_name)

-BWAV contents (all begins with BWAV tag, possibly unsorted for the orders)

-it seems that some .bars files contain more AMTA tag than BWAV files (possibly have more than 1 AMTA tag to use the same BWAV files? Unused AMTA tags? no idea why...)

so, anyone else have tried reverse engineering nintendo switch .bars files?


looks like figured out a bit more of the file structure, and changed the image to a simpler one
You have my sympathy...
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