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Killzone Liberation (July 19th 2006 Prototype)
So basicly, i was in the Hidden Palace Org, and i found this prototype for Killzone Liberation, dated July 19th 2006

Somehow, there were not enough mentions online
but thats about to change
im looking for people who are happy to help me with it, an upcoming video im making is about all of the content from it

as of far, ive found diferences, such as this Title Screen, as well as a debug mode
[Image: killzone.png]
Anyways, in case you want to help me solve the mystery of this prototype, you can always leave a comment here, im currently within datamining, and it can be faster with some help, anyways, ill be updating you with some more news about this prototype, but for always, here is a link where you can download the prototype

as always, thank you for reading this

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