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various gamecube ripping attempts
Hi, sorry if i'm not formatting this correctly it's been a while since i've been here.
I would like to give my best shot at ripping 3d models from file for two specific gamecubes games,
Dragon Ball Z : Budokai 2 (GCN)
Custom Robo (GCN)
I know that custom robo stores most of its files in .BIN which i'm not sure how to open and i cant find if the individual robo files are saved anywhere else. I've seen other people ask about the game but i havent seen any awnsers.
Budokai 2 on the other hand is a total mystery, and there's hardly any models on the models' resource. The character files are almost CERTANTLY in
But i cant figure out what is what and i cant find information on any of the formats, any tips to start?
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