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Need help with Kuroko no Basuke : Mirai he no kizuna models ripping
Hello everybody !
First, sorry if my english isn't perfect, I'm french ...

I need help with characters models ripping from the 3ds game Kuroko no basuke  :  mirai he no kizuna.

I was able to extract some of the 3d models, and I don't have any problem with character's head.

But the problem come from the bodies : 
I can't find any model with the "dress part".
As you can see in the picture, I opened a 3d model with Ohana 3ds, and in the file there is the dress texture, but this part of the model is "transparent". I also exported the model and opened into blender, and there are only 3 materials  : the body, the shoes and the number (4 Seirin) ...

In the game files, i also found a file called "len3dress.lii" in the model/chara folder, but i haven't find a way to decompress it ...

Thanks for your help
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Finally i've found the solution by myself
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