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what happened to the Sonic The Fighters models?
I'm looking for some STH models and they seem to be no longer on The Models Resource
Where can I find some STH models, and why were they removed from TMR?
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This was already asked a while back, so I'll just quote myself from earlier:
(01-03-2019, 07:37 PM)Random Talking Bush Wrote: All of the models there were using textures that were either scaled way down (Robotnik's glasses were one 44x17 texture instead of two 128x64 images), some models didn't even have their correct parts (Amy used Sonic's mouth textures and Nack had recoloured Sonic hands, giving him five fingers instead of four), and some weren't even using textures from the right game (Sonic's shoe buckle was taken from his Sonic Adventure DX model!).

So yeah, game got nuked for having incorrect rips.
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