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Jump Force Character Voices and Sounds Effects
Since I have the game Jump Force on my PC, I was able to extract the voice clips as well as sounds effects of every current character, including DLC. However, I ran into some trouble.

With the use of QuickBMS, I was able to extract the .pak file. So I have access to all the game files, however, I'm only concerned with the voice clips, nothing more. My original intent was to make English voice mods for all the characters with a dubbed voice.

What came out as a result were a bunch of .uexp and .uasset files. I am positive that they are voice files, as they were located in a sound folder, but with Umodel, the program I was told to use to extract the .uexp or .uasset files, didn't extract them. I was also quick to notice that all of them were 1 kb. No matter how many times I tried to extract them, Umodel just didn't do it.

I came here because I wanted at least some answer to how to extract either .uexp or uasset files into .wav or .ogg files. Of course, I added links to sample files. (.uexp file) (.uasset file)
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Did you not open it in umodel first? Try that and see what happens. The "cooked" pak file should be importable into umodel
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(06-23-2020, 09:57 AM)Pingus! Wrote: Did you not open it in umodel first? Try that and fsee what happens. The "cooked" pak file should be importable into umodel

No, I did use it, but nothing was exported. What do you mean by "cooked" pak? How do I identify a cooked .pak file?
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Did you figure out the issue? or no? cause i'm running into the same problem too
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(11-05-2020, 10:44 PM)BragonGod Wrote: Did you figure out the issue? or no? cause i'm running into the same problem too

Download Umodel

Open it and find the pak directory for Jump Force

Select "Override Game Detection"

Select Unreal 4 in the first box

Select Unreal Engine 4:24 in the second box

Under Export-Only Classes:, Select Sound

Press OK

if it asks for an AES Key, type this in the box then press OK


Go into the Game/Sound/Character folder

Right click the Character folder and press Save Folder Packages

It will make a folder and save them in UmodelSaved

When it's done exporting them, go into the UmodelSaved/Game/Sound/Character folder

Look for your desired character number. The character numbers are based on the actual order of the characters in the game, so that should help. E.g. Deku is the 38th character, so his number is 410.

Go into the chr(Character's Number) folder

Go into Act Voice

Find the largest uexp file in the folder.

Open it with HxD

In Hxd, press ctrl + f, and the finder will pop up.

type afs2 in the search bar, then press ok.

Press ctrl + f again, and search for it again, because that's not the AFS2 we want.

When you find the second one, select the 00 in front of it and select some of the numbers.

Press ctrl + e, and a selector will pop up.

On the top bar, delete the number and type 0, then press ok.

Delete all of what you've selected

Then press Save As

Rename the file extension from uexp to awb, then save.

You can download VGMToolBox and extract the awb file

Once you extract it, you'll get over 200 hca files.

You can download LoopingAudioConverter to extract them into wav, mp3 or ogg files.
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the link is broken
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i can´t Sad

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(03-13-2021, 04:11 PM)humberstein Wrote: i can´t Sad

Ok this is my fault. I'm sorry I told you to use VGMToolBox. That should be reserved for Nintendo games. This is a Bandai game, so it should be treated differently.

Download the Jump Force Soundtrack Editor.

In the folder is QuickBMS. Open the QuickBMS.exe. When the popup window opens, find the directory of your QuickBMS folder. There should be an "" or an "AWBtoHCA.txt" in the folder. It doesn't matter which one you choose, pick either or. Then, find the directory of where you want to save the hca files you are about to extract. THEN you can extract them all with the LoopingAudioConverter. Hope this helps and sorry I never responded sooner.
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