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Pokemon White 2 Battle Subway
I managed to rip the models of most of the Battle Subway trains from my White 2 dump. There seem to be multiple models, each of which has various missing parts (e.g. the models for the Anville Town turntable have only one car, while the models for the Battle Subway platforms have no right side. There's also additional models for the Single Train (for Tubeline Bridge) and the Anville Line Train (For Anville Town's platform)

The trains' internal numbers:
01 - Single
02 - Super Single
03 - Double
04 - Super Double
05 - Multi
06 - Super Multi
07 - Wi-Fi
08 - Anville Line
09 - Old Train*
10 - Future Train*
11 - Anville Line (Platform)

The prefixes for models:
b_train[01-08]: Battle Subway platform     (Optimized for side view, doors opened, all cars)
h03_train01: Tubeline Bridge     (Optimized for top view, all cars)
tt_train[01-10]: Anville Town turntable¬†     (Optimized for isometric/top view, front car only)
tt_train11: Anville Town platform     (Front 2 cars only, optimized for top/side view)

*: I couldn't get the Old Train and Future Train's textures to dump for some reason

I tried to upload to the BW2 resource, hopefully they'll get accepted.

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