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Submissions done solely with automated tools should be discouraged
Since from what I can tell, there seem to be a few such submissions on the site that are virtually unusable because of it. Like the tileset submissions for Tiny Toon Adventures on the Sega Mega Drive:

Which are so poorly organised it's difficult to find anything without a video open in another tab. All the tiles are split off into individual PNG files, said files aren't given meaningful file names, there are 500 or more of them per folder and their numbers don't to correlate to anything meaningful in terms of how the level is structured.

As a result, it's unlikely many people will find much of a use for them, since even building a level or scene would take hours in its own right.

Same goes for the Kirby Mass Attack tilesets here:

Everything else on the page is really well organised and easy to use, but these seem like they were just ripped wholesale from a memory viewer. There's no real organisation here, it's difficult to figure out how you'd assemble them, and they're all stuck in a giant zip file you need to download to preview.

On the other hand, I think the graphics rips from the modern Castlevania and Mario & Luigi games are good examples of this sort of rip being done right. You've got the basic parts for the characters as they are in the files/game's memory sure...

But then you've got assembled versions of one or more of the frames showing how they fit together. For instance, I think most people can figure out how to use Luigi's sprites from this sprite sheet:

Since they're provided in both raw and assembled forms.

So yeah, I feel TSR should have a rule that says submissions should be provided in a practical, easy to use format, and that automated rips taken straight from command line tools, level editors or memory viewers should be discouraged due to the awkwardness of the resulting sprite sheet/tileset.
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