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[Tutorial] Extract the content of any Nintendo Switch game
[Tutorial] Extract the content of any Nintendo Switch game

I wanted to say several things I am from Spain so if I am not well understood in English I apologize...

there are people who have problems to extract Nintendo Switch games with Switch Toolbox but if they can then use the program to see the models if they have the extraction

so this tutorial is to extract the games differently and then see the models with Switch Toolbox

Download the Switch emulator ryujinx (yuzu emulator doesn't work to extract)

unzip the file on the desktop and open the emulator "Ryujinx.exe"
a window will appear saying that the keys are missing

Close the emulator
The system will have created a hidden folder in 

C:\Users\YOUR USER\AppData\Roaming\Ryujinx

copy the keys into the system folder

open the emulator again and press options and settings go to the game directories section press add
select the folder where you have saved the games and press save

when your game appears in the emulator press the right mouse button to bring up more options
press the Extract RomFS Section option and select where you want to save your extraction.
let emulator do its magic

use your extracted files with the Switch Toolbox program
to use the Switch Toolbox program follow the user tutorial Username123
Very excellent thread sir. I'll share this with my friends and I'll see what they think. Thanks for the thread. And if it's good enough I'll share what I think and what I was able to rip. I'll give some detail for any errors
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Thank you a crap ton ive been wanting to make a xenoblade movie and this halped a ton
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