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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4
Gonna need help with renaming, i don't know much about one piece characters or lore.
There's to many characters that i dont know who these are and there will be several sfx folders.
I've compiled all the things i could find that has sounds and folder that have no sounds (i think these might help sound rippers to find which file have the problem when extracting them out)
The sound folders link:

I've named some folder (No sound, suspected character) which means there's files but no sound files extracted and im' guessing those are the missing character that i couldnt get any sound file.
Then there is every folders with example "0xdb2b1a73" which has sound files, it's just that i dont know who's the characters name.(hoping for anyone to fill in)
And i've named some folders with their characters name, since i recognize from playing the game and uploaded them already.

If you are looking to rip themselves from the game, its the same method when ripping doa6 which will be using the same tool: "SRSxtool" and  "rdbtool" that is from LL DOA6 community.
They are located at "RRPreview" same as doa6.

I hope anyone can rename the folders, archive them up as zip and upload them directly for approval. (there's no need credit)
Cause i don't have alot of time to find out who these characters are.
Appreciate if anyone does the job.
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