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Toady, Heavy Fire Bro, Zappa, Blasta, and others
I hear through the gripevine that there are no models for the Toady's Super Mario Party design, Heavy Fire Bro, Zappa and Blasta Mechakoopas, and many other Minions like Badniks from Lost World and Generations 3DS and Link's Awakening Switch/Brewster has refused to share his WW enemy models, but if someone can promise him not to upload these models to Deviantart, he'll be happy to give them for a good cause ( It's bad since in a time in which origami has corrupted Paper Bowser minions into King Olly's Folded Army and a virus has held back game development (Including Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam 2, which King Olly also had a hand in delaying), people are really wanting to see more... It would make them very happy, since their kids are living on hard times and old white rebels stealing their money for their own selfish gains. I hope to hear results for willingness to help, and perhaps a celebration for the day (July 17th) in which Olly will be shredded for his crimes of delaying Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam 2...
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