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Ripping models from the files of Animal Crossing gamecube/n64
I've looked through the .iso for Animal Crossing gamecube as well as Dobutso No Mori e+ and I've included images of the root of the iso for e+ and the US GC version. I want to rip the models from the game, but I haven't been able to rip anything except the memory card sprites in the bti format. Most szs files end up empty once they go from szs to rarc to a folder. I want to rip the models from the games files, otherwise I would have just used a tool like ninjaripper. Is anyone familiar with ripping from GC and/or familiar with the game's files?

EDIT: The .map files are easily readable in visual studio and there's a lot of references in them, like lines for each villager listing their eye and mouth textures. as far as I'm aware all the lines end with "dataobject.obj" (image below)

[Image: 092a66f9c8ed3681dc04484ef2458688.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
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