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Trainer N's 3D Model; Pokemon B/W
Yo Guys!
So I saw that in a particular cutscene in Pokemon B/W (Here:; Timestamp: 0:16), N has a 3D model. I checked the thread for it, but there wasn't anything there.
So is that cutscene already rendered, or does it play out on actual hardware, and if it does, can someone put N's 3D modelĀ on the thread for me?
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I think that might be more of a 2D sprite on a 3D plane to give it that effect.

If I were you, I'd wait for N to appear in Pokemon Masters, if you want a decent model of him.
[Image: 76561197999597301.png]
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yeah, after looking at the scene multiple times, you can see some pixel edges, meaning it's just a 3d sprite of him.
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