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Submission Data Seemingly Disappeared
My apologies to the moderators in advance if this is in the wrong section, but I felt this is the most appropriate section to put this in. I uploaded some models to Persona Q2's page a couple months back, and I have been checking back every couple weeks to see if they've been accepted yet. I understand their workload and that my account is new, so I'm patient. That aside, I checked back today to see that seemingly all of the icons I had uploaded with the models are gone.
[Image: unknown.png]
Of course, if the icons were poorly done, then I would understand that. However, I thought the icons met the website's standards.
[Image: CarolineIS.PNG]
[Image: CarolineI.PNG]
So, my question is first if the icons' disappearances are normal, and my second question is if my icons are unacceptable and they were the reason for their removals.
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Yes, I removed the icons because the image quality is relatively poor. The small icon isn't too bad, but the big icon was clearly made by upscaling a smaller render, resulting in a blurry and pixelated image. Rather than rendering at a small size and then scaling the image up, you should render at the correct size (or larger and scaling it down, if you want to make more work for yourself).

Texture Remix
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Understood. Terribly sorry for wasting your time with the poor image quality! I'll do my best to correct them.
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