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Mega Man remade into an NES ROM
Hello VGR forum users and staff! This is my first time posting here, so please go easy on me.

Ever since Mega Man 9 came out, I always wanted to have the game as a legitimate NES ROM. This dream was further fueled by the MM9 press kit. 

I’m aware many people have attempted this same project over the years, but no one has followed through and finished. While I’m aware of several Mega Man and Rockman NES hacks that use MM9 and 10 assets, I’d rather create a custom engine that accurately recreates Mega Man’s physics and general engine as opposed to hacking an existing ROM.

I’m doing level design for this project. Currently we are looking for programmers.

Invite link provided at the bottom of this post.

Frequently asked questions: 

Q: Is this legal?
A: This is a fanmade labor of love that does not intend to infringe upon any distribution or sale of the original Mega Man 9. This recreation is intended to serve as a fun ‘what-if’ project. 

Q. Is this a ROM hack?
A: No. While hacking an existing game would be undoubtedly much easier, it would not allow for flexibility of mechanics such as Mega Man’s physics. Additionally, hacking a ROM would cheapen the feel of this project as less of brand new game and more of an extensive hack of MM4, for example.

Q: What version is this game based off of? Will any DLC be ported?
A: This will be based off the Wii version. None of the DLC will be remade.

Q: What do you intend to do once this project is finished? Will you remake MM10?
A: Eventually. For now MM9 is our priority and will do MM10 when we feel it’s time.

Q: What other places have you advertised at?
A: Assemblergames, NESDEV Forums, r/Megaman, r/gamedev

Q: Will the game use a battery or password to save progress?
A: We’re not sure. While we are leaning towards inclusion of the shop mechanic from the original game, this would require a much larger password grid. (I.e. variables for bolt quantity in the player’s possession and items purchased) The game will most likely use battery saves for this reason.

Link to our Discord Server:
Please use Nadeko to assign yourself roles upon entering in the #bot-talk channel. .iam Spriter .iam Programmer .iam Musician
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Most would just do a rom hack, but you want to make this port on NES from scratch, which I think can work better because you don't have work around the assets already there, and can customize it way more. I'm wondering how a demake of Mega Man 11, or X on NES could work. Mega Man Xtreme on the GBC is the closest to an official 8-bit Mega Man X game we got, same with it's sequal, and is why a Mega Man X game could work on NES, since it's been proven to work well on the GBC which is simaler power, and capability wise to the NES.
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