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Needing some help with Pokémon Rumble Rush models [SOLVED]
Pokémon Rumble Rush is one of those mobile games that are simple to rip once you have the files, but getting the files themselves is the issue. I understand that there isn't much of a demand for these models due to their simplicity and all but I personally enjoy them, and I'd like some help getting those models. 
The game uses the Unity engine and it's easy enough to rip using Asset Studio, but getting the Unity asset files is harder due to the fact that the APK doesn't hold the main game files and you have to download them through the app, which then takes those files into the phone's storage. I've tried looking for an OBB and tried using Nox, but there's no available OBBs and Nox keeps bugging for me and can't connect to the game's server, plus I'm uneducated on how one would get files from Nox's internal phone storage.
I'd be grateful if someone could at least provide me with the Unity asset files downloaded inside the app, that's all I really need to rip the models.

EDIT: I managed to get Bluestacks working and got them, while I don't think anyone will really care about these here's a download of the asset files, includes the pre-rendered sprites and the cries.
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