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Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity "OOCH" file compression
Not sure if anyone can help, i've been wanting to look into ripping from this game like many others (maybe modding but that's not for here)
after some inspection i've found some files for the Extreme Gear (EG_"GEAR NAME".P)
and what could possibly be a character model file (CYCVS_1V.P)
however, some of these files have some type of compression/possible encryption, not sure why they'd leave some uncompressed and some compressed, but they did
it starts with OOCH followed by some sort of identifier/size/something??
then just past that is either compressed or encrypted data, not entirely sure, but it always starts with hex "38 18 4C 66"
i'd expect that once decompressed or whatever, the file would be a standard pack file (well, standard to this game)
i'm not sure if anyone can help, but any would be greatly appreciated

also, here's some example files, just incase (from ps2 version, but wii version has roughly same files, just using gno instead of sno, and same ooch format)
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