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PS Vita Freedom Wars voice clips help (*.sxd/*.sxd1/*.sxd2)
Hi there, I need some help extracting some voice clips from this one PS Vita game called Freedom Wars. It's developed by Dimps if it helps any. 

When reading from a hex editor, you can see the voice clips are hidden away by encryption. Any ideas how to get over this to actually get to the clips? 

Attached is sample that might contain voice clips. Try viewing them on a hex editor yourself.!AkvkHEbKjrMAj68fc0vs...w?e=jNZxM0
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Grab foobar2000 and the vgmstream component here:

That can handle this sxd and split the bank properly by each sound effect. Happy playing.
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Thanks heaps!
However, foobar wasn't able to read *.sxd1 and *.sxd2 files, I tried renaming them to *.sxd to see if it made a difference, but that didn't work.

Here's a few samples of them:!AkvkHEbKjrMAj_JiNhkl...w?e=fIvgCE (*.sxd1)!AkvkHEbKjrMAj_J0l4dE...g?e=UdRvWO (*.sxd2)
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