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Sonic Riders Zero Gravity Voice Rips
Hey, it's been a long time since I was last here.

I've begun ripping voice clips from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity from a Wii ISO. I've managed to find the pre- and post-race clips, but I can't find any of the in-race clips such as grunts when jumping and celebrating landing tricks.

The voice clips that I did find were in an .AFS file I opened with Noesis. There's also music and cutscene audio in basic .ADX files, and other than that it's just a lot of .P , .DAT, and extentionless files.

Does anyone have any experience with ripping sounds from Wii Sonic games, or Wii Sega games in general? Any ideas on where to look for the extra voice files? Or how to crack open the extentionless files to see if they're hiding in there? I have very little experience with hex editors.

Thanks in advance.
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One thing to understand is that extensions don't matter in ripping. They may provide hints as to what the data may be, but they could be mis-leading. Upload some sample *.P , *.DATs, and extension-less files here. Without samples we can't help. If it won't let you upload it to the site directly, utilize an external hosting source!
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Thanks for the reply, Pingu.

I got a dropbox link here with some file samples: I don't use dropbox much, hopefully you can access them.

The SRZG iso is split into 3 "images" - the first one is small and I'm not sure what's in it, the second is larger and had the voices I found, and the third holds the game's cutscene videos.

The attached folder is from the second image, image2. I grabbed two samples of each kind of file in there (minus the music ones, I understand those). The contents of image2 are all like these files but numbered differently. In the case of the .TBLs ending in AMY and BLZ, they correspond to characters.

Thanks for any further help.
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