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Mario Kart Tour Shy Guy (Pastry Chef)
I'm currently obsessed with the design of the pastry chef shy guy outfit in the mario kart app (mario kart tour). Unfortunately I don't have the best computer so I'd probably just end up overheating instead of getting a successful rip (I also don't have any storage space left...). If anyone feels up to the task to at least get the raw files from the game I can probably compile and rig it in blender (which is often what I have to do anyways since at lot of the time I end up modifying 3d models I get from here). 
     To clarify: I am looking or a rip of the Shy Guy (Pastry Chef [outfit/variation]) off of the mobile Mario Kart Tour game.
Thanks in advance for any who even consider helping me out :] I'm not really expecting a huge turnout from this request but I will be delightfully surprised if someone turns up with the model.
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