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[TUTORIAL] Disney Infinity Model Ripping
Hello, I have had a few people message me from The Models Resource asking about how to extract models from Disney Infinity.
Back in the day i did some models from DI3.0, they were denied approval because the textures were in DDS and not png so they werent uploaded and people want them, this was a few years ago and so i dont have them anymore and cant be bothered to go and do it again, and i noticed there isnt a very concise tutorial on how to do it, and im also tired of getting messages about it, so i decided to do the less time consuming option, hello, welcome to my tutorial!

Heres What you'll need
  1. Disney Infinity 3.0 (I suppose this will work for 1.0/2.0 aswell but im using 3.0)
  2. TaylorMouse's 3D Model Viewer
  3. Aluigi's QuickBMS
  4. The Accompanying Disney Infinity Script for QBMS
  5. Nvidia's Windows Texture Viewer
  6. Several buckets worth of time
Step 1: Navigate to your Disney Infinity folder in \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\-Whichever Disney Infinity Game You're on here-

Step 2: go into the "assets" folder and find the two folders marked "characters" and "textures" and copy them to your desktop.

Step 3: Open quickBMS and load the DI script, find whichever character's folder you want and open it, find the corresponding file (it should be marked as a .Zip file, its not a Zip file your computer is just stupid.)

Step 4: Extract the file to wherever you want, i recommend making a separate folder on the desktop to house your extracted models.

Step 5: Open TaylorMouse's 3D Model Viewer and navigate to the extracted folder, open the file marked (char'sname).ibuf, click the button in the model viewer marked "Export .OBJ"

Please note that TaylorMouse's 3DMV doesnt work for some models, its not my fault nor his/hers its due to Disney adjusting the way the files are structured for later addon content (I believe) so later DLC characters will likely not work, The Force Awakens and some Marvel content will come out broken! You could use HextoOBJ but i dont know how that works nor am i willing to learn and explain it here!

Step 6: Re-Open the QuickBMS script and navigate to the textures folder you previously copied to the desktop.

Step 7: Select all the "Zip" files inside and start the extraction process over again.

Step 8: Take a break man, you deserve it and this'll take a few mins.

Step 9: Copy this script into a text document and save it as "rename.bat"
@echo off

ren *.tbody *.dds

Step 10: Begin the soul crushing process of renaming all the textures, copy-paste the rename.bat file into the each folder created by the BMS script where the .tbody files are located, the script will rename them all to .dds as they are just renamed .dds files.

Step 11: Using Nvidia's WTV, navigate to the folders after running the renaming scripts and begin to search for the textures you require, they are all named with random gibberish and not in any logical sorting whatsoever so be prepared to find Mickey's texture file in folder 1 and his bump map in folder 300, and you will understand why this is so annoying to do.

Step 11.1: Theoretically you could just dump the textures with something like Ninjaripper, but I've not tested that and i don't know if it works.

Step 12: From here you shouldn't need more instruction, y'all know how models & textures work, do some porting, put that shxt in GMOD, idk.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Wink
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