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Smooth a Ripped JPCSP Model Problem
I have models that I extract from an emulator JPCSP, I want to make a project in GTA SA rigging this skins for use, but I'm having problems. I export the OBJ scene from the emulator and import it into 3ds max and delete the objects until I get what I need, the problem is that when I apply the smooth, it doesn't get completely smooth. What to do? For your to know what I'm talking about, see the picture.

Photo 1 is the original OBJ model

Photo 2 i tested apply smooth group 1 and auto smooth in OBJ model, but this is not smooth completely

Photo 3 is another downloaded model extracted from JPCSP by another guy of the same game, this is the result i want obtain, a correct smooth. 

(The game is The Warriors)

I put a link for download my export OBJ for yours to help me solve this... it is very important for me!

Thanks in advance!

[Image: large?v=1.0&px=999]

[Image: large?v=1.0&px=999]

[Image: large?v=1.0&px=999]
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