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Red Fish Games
i am indie game developers..

You can help her reach her home by protecting the red cute fish from fishing hooks and other harmful fish.

Puzzle game mode
Ten levels of adventure mode .. (you can buy blue fish with the worm coins you have collected)
Three level fish protection modes (enemy control)
Sketch Painting Mode

Download :

[Image: 6247768fc1ee82b995cac310bdb1a405-png.568492]
[Image: 96ea73254d0b36b2732630a007372ede-jpg.568486]

[Image: 48533bf702e0d1a5724ee48b2f6372da-jpg.568489]
[Image: 263148460-jpg.568498]
[Image: e662c66f3f0ba6fb09e841c376960a52-jpg.568501]
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