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Super Cat Tales/Bros 2 (Sprites or SFX)
I've just recently found The VG Resource, and decided to start a project using sprites from the site, with due credit of course, and I've been using sprites from Super Cat Tales 2, the sequel to Super Cat Bros. I've found myself at a loss of sprites though, as there are plenty more in the game that are unseen on The Spriters resource. I've also looked all over for any SFX for the game, as it's a want, but not necessarily a need.

I've tried simple tasks like changing the .apk filename to .zip, using extraction programs, etc, to no avail. Either it/they didn't work, or I didn't know how to work them. I'm really new to ripping, and know so little things about it all. Some things I've noticed, are that the .apk has .sfw files in it, and I know those are for flash, but any of the ripping tutorials I've seen either had to do with Java, or Unity. I've learned though, that you could request things here, and thought I'd give it a shot.

Getting any of the background characters' sprites, or some of the basic SFX, such as collecting coins, tapping buttons, cat noises, anything really, even a tad-bit of info on how I'd do such thing would be such a huge help, and greatly appreciated.


-I'm making a project
-Want/need more sprites/sounds
-Tried getting them myself; failed.
-Any help getting some would be appreciated!

Link to sprite page for reference:

(Will make a GDrive with files from .apk -> .zip, if needed!)

Thank you for reading! Smile
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Take /assets/CatGame2_android.swf and open it with JPEXS Decompiler. From there you'll be able to right-click any section (or the entire SWF) using the list on the left to export them all.
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Wow, thank you so much, this is huge for me, it gives me literally everything, I can't explain my gratitude!
Such a fast reply too, I didn't expect to get an answer this fast, and I hadn't received a notification.
This is much better than just being given some sprites and sounds, seriously thank you lots.
With all this, I'll probably add plenty more sprites for this game to The Spriters Resource, and I might as well add sounds too!
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Hello How can I use this I don't understand , can you please show me how you did it . and sorry for my poor English Sad
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