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Should I include this? (Info inside)
Hello all,

I have been slowly continuing my process of ripping all of the missing sprites for Gimmick!

I started this because of my love for the game, and I have never ripped sprites for another game, so I am not sure of the standard practice regarding some things.  Specifically, I am now ripping the endings before continuing with my work ripping level textures...  For the endings, should I only rip sprites unique to the ending?  Textures from the map (which I also ripped) and sprites of Yumetarou walking are both found in the ending.  However, these are both found in normal gameplay, and are not unique to the ending.  Should I include these, or exclude these?  Would the answer change depending on if I am providing an "assembled example" of each scene or just every unique asset unassembled?

For those unfamiliar, here is a YouTube upload of the Good End
(The bad ending is almost entirely a fly-by of existing levels, so I do not think any ripping of those is required for the ending upload, besides a unique portion at the very end of a few sprites. My concern is primarily with what to do with this)
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