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hello hello / hope you like cars
Hello people of VG Resource.

My name is Nick Tobolski, and if there is one thing I love, its games, and of them, I love racing games the most.

From my baby days with a Dreamcast, to now with a Switch, a Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, DS, Model 1 Genesis, GBC, and countless other consoles, I have a very small, but ever-growing library of titles to enjoy.

Today, I have made the decision to join the VG Resource and provide models and sprites for games that have yet to be added, mostly racing games.

Coming soon I have:

Cars from MRC: Multi Racing Championship- N64
Cars from RR64: Ridge Racer 64- N64
Cars from Cruis'n World- N64

and more to come in 2020, as I beef up my hardware to emulate and rip better models. By 2020, I hope to be the first to publicly release models from both the PC, and PSP versions of Split/Second, one of my favorite games, as well as models from Gran Turismo, also for the PSP.

I hope to meet many people, make many friends, and cherish many memories during my time here.

My first model will be up in the coming days, and will be one of the cars from MRC: Multi Racing Championship by Imagineer for the N64.

I hope you're as thrilled to see some new racing related models and sprites here, as I am to bring them to you.

I've got nothing better to do anyway.

If you ever want a specific model, or just want to say hello, my Twitter DMs are always open. Just let me know you're from the VG Resource so I know to let you in, I do have a spam block enabled. Smile


NT/Nick Tobolski

P.S. I've included a Blender render of my first model, still a WIP for now. It won't be the cleanest model around, as I had to rip this from the Garage Select screen, so those textures are still there. I'll try to siphon them out before I export the final model to share on the Models Resource.

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Late reply but welcome to VGR! Please feel free to PM a staff member if you need help and enjoy your stay!


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