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Sharing Unity3D and SWF game files of Lego Chima games
Thanks to Wayback machine and huge luck, and time - I was able to download full version of Speedorz game, which is built in unity engine.

And thanks to some flash game sites, I was able to download flash game clients of Tribe Fighters and Laval Unleashed.

Sharing for playing and resource ripping purposes.
I'm not confident that I will have extra time for proper resource ripping in fancy way, so I leave this thing for anyone who has time and wish for this.

I hope I will find some time for that.

At least, knowing that I share these files, they won't get as forgotten as they were before it.

Here's the download link of RAR archive of these games ) 

Some Extra links, If you don't know how to play Unity3d and SWF games in offline browser-less way. ) )
Some images:
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