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Want to learn ripping PS Vita game models,ETC. Also, what is .FIB file type?
    If I only have game ROM, can rip it using ripping softwares, or I need to have Vita console in process?

I'm interested in ripping "Lego Legends Of Chima: Laval's Journey".

I used some decryptor and the only biggest file inside ROM is file in .FIB extension type.

How do you extract files from .fib?

 It's likely that it stores model/texture/sfx data, because the rest of files inside game rom are way too small to store any 3d model data to my assumption. that .Fib file weighs around 500 MB.
Edit update:
I used this decryptor to access the game files.

So I drag and drop the folder and it created a decrypted duplicate folder (with decrypted files of course)


For some reason "sce_pfs" folder didn't got decrypted. Don't know if it's important for model ripping.

also, cutscenes folder is 322 MB, so that mysterious lego_chima_psp2.fib , which weighs 529 MB.
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