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Don't know how to put in models into Blender.
I need some help, I can't find any way to put in models into blender 2.80.

Yes, I did try googling it. It only gave me tutorials on either other websites or not up to date.
Yes, I did try tinkering with the edit mode.

Please. Don't bully me if there's an easy solution. I'm new to this kind of thing.
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What file type is the Model. Blender by default supports a few file types like but not limited to .fbx .obj and .dae. to open them go to file in the top right and open up the menu, then put your mouse over import and all the default supported file types should be there. If the model file type isn't supported by Blender by default you'll have to find a plug in someone made for it, which depending on what it is shouldn't be too hard i hope. I'll explain plug ins if it comes to that. I'm very new to this myself.
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