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How do I rip models from Sonic Free Riders?
This is my first time posting on this forum, so I apologize for any errors.

I'm attempting to rip Sonic Free Riders for the XBOX 360, specifically the level geometry/models for Metal City. When I tried extracting the ISO using somski's XBOX 360 ISO Extractor, it produced a 1.67GB folder (nowhere near the 7.39GB the ISO takes up) that contained a bunch of files with no extension, a XEX file, a XMPLR file, a BE file, and a few folders containing sound files and the intro movie. I also tried extracting the ISO using the extractor included in the Sonic '06 Toolkit, but it produced the same result.

I searched the forum for any other posts about this, and the only one I found was from 2013 about loading ENO files, of which I can't find. I'd usually use a "Screencap" program to rip the models from an emulator, but no emulator for the XBOX 360 has Kinect support. I know it must be possible to rip the game models, as there is a Sonic model from the game on TMR.

If anyone needs to see the files I extracted, I've uploaded a few of them to my Google Drive.
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