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Vehicles from AC2
Hey there! I'm looking for the vehicle models that appear in AC2 primarily at the start of the game. They are vehicles from another game with various small or unique differences plus 3 unique vehicles.

An example is the DPL Olypmic with the Abstergo livery and a lightbar, and a yellow supercar, which has not appeared in any other games I know of, nor has it appeared in the DRIVER games.

I can't post screens sadly (character limitations) but I can share the link to the vehicles that were in the first portion of the game.

But to put it simply, I do not own Assassin's Creed 2 on either platform and that means I can't rip from the game either. I don't need much from AC2 but the vehicle models including the motorbike in the same garage and the Vespa.

Big thanks to anyone who can make this possible.
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