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A few things from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends
Some time ago, someone going by "PapercraftKing" figured out a way to rip models and textures from this game, and put a lot of files up for download.

Sadly, and by his own admission, he wasn't able to get everything.  I've been going through the files, and while some work fine, quite a few lack MTL files and thus the models don't know how to display their textures right.  Some of the textures themselves are missing.  A few that include both the MTL files and the textures also don't work quite right, as their faces get warped.

I have looked around for other downloads to fill in what I'm missing, but so far, it seems nobody else has ripped this game, which is a shame as it contains the best variety of TMNT models all in one place, and it would be nice to use them in something better than just a nickel-and-diming mobile game.  I don't know anything about ripping from mobile games, but if any people reading this are skilled at it, I can help you by letting you know what specifically is missing from the current downloads.  If you have actually ripped from this game already, even better!
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