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Club Penguin Game Day - Sound Effects and Instruments!
Hey. It's been a while since I tried to look into this game. A long time ago I found out about the sound effects in Club Penguin: Game Day! for the Wii.
They're in the "Club_Penguin.brsar" file. Opening the file in BrawlBox will display a lot of files spread around many folders.
At the very bottom there's a "<null>" raw file. When you try to edit it it will display all of the game's sound effects. In the "GROUP" folder theres a "ALL" raw file. Editing that one will display (i think) all of the instruments used to make the music for the game (from Group 55 to Group 88).
That's really neat, but there's one problem I have.
It seems that you can only export one sound at a time, and that's a really, REALLY time consuming process, specially since this game has a ton of these.

Is there any way to rip these sounds faster? Or do you really need to export these one by one?

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