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Senran Kagura sound files?
How to get the sound files from pretty much any Senran Kagura game that has transformations?
(Deep Crimson, Shinovi Versus, Estival Versus, etc). I see alot of discussion about models but
never about sound effects. Looking for the one in particular where their chest pops in during
their transformation. The Bloop sound
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Grab the game > Download ISO > Profit.

Jokes aside, you need to take a little intuition into attempting to rip it yourself. Google is a great tool to get you started, as you should look up the name of the game, platform, and how to extract its ISOs. Then, once you get into the filesystem (If it has one), go from there. Otherwise, this post sounds like a light request, which wouldn't be allowed unless you put this in the correct sub-forum:

I'm going to take it that you want to rip them yourself, so don't prove me wrong Big Grin
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Was planning on trying it myself but maybe I need to look into how its done more. So probably will try requesting it in other forum. Thanks
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