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Super Mario Odyssey aras files (Switch)
I just extracted the game files, and I want to access Mario's voice files from
Super Mario Odyssey, but SeResourceStd2nd ends with ".aras" I've searched
everywhere on the internet about these files, but I couldn't find anything. Sad
I'm not sure if there is a tool that can extract these files, but I feel like they are
similar to ".bfsar" or ".bars" files. If someone knows more about these files than I do, you can
give me a reply. Cheers, mate.
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Oh, never mind. It was actually pretty easy. I extracted the SeResourceStd2nd.aras using SARC Tool to get the bfgrp file, then I used VGMToolBox with the Wii U FWAV plugin, changing the Search String from FEFF to FFFE, and Big Endian to Little Endian to get the bfwavs I'm looking for. You'll get the Mario voice files soon enough! Wink
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