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If anyone want's the dr mario world models from v 1.0.5 this zip contains mario, peach, toad, and bowser. I didn't include the others.
 Dl link:

 Here's a example of bowser : [Image: ddhgox4-1544c9ac-7793-4c34-a52e-e1a8b603...rLY2l5SZJU]
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You can find the Orc model release file here:
 Each post will have each model for download. For anyone curious below, are what I extracted. You will need to use something like Neosis to convert the psk files. If you don't preffer that formate. Or, need to make the mesh seperate files. 

[Image: ddihik0-ca3a5387-3169-457d-a333-c806dce404ac.png][Image: ddihj7l-93786a52-889b-43e4-8d9b-04c035aab84b.png]
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Here's a link to the bloodstain r.o.t.n. character models I extracted in psk/ tga files:

Here's a few preview images of models included in the zip folder. The characters use UE4.18 formats. Tho I noticed some files use UE4.14 and 4.17 if I recall. Tho some UE4 files are oddly not updated for UE4.18 oddly enough.
[Image: ddis8jx-9479bcae-3b30-4c7e-9e80-22223b5c...kwNPMwcJrY]
[Image: ddis8s7-3d314e77-2d99-47f2-88f1-80dc9656...cZH480SfV4]
[Image: ddis8ye-a2f302ca-8640-468c-b623-2b8fc3e0...FLx8PAva4E]
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Here's the following downloads for the models from Monkey King Hero is back. I'll have character downloads sorted by character names on different post. The game uses UE version 4.19 and the AES key is:  0xA1F2BA8EE1738213EF221D2AED4CB5895EDA0830FA026A85209E2ABF08FE6829

 Main player models+ weopon models:

Preview image: [Image: money_king_hero_is_back_models_download_...s0-pre.png]
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Dionn, I've told you this a few times now -- PLEASE keep all of your submissions to a single thread. We don't want to have the forums flooded with single-post / no-reply threads, and this not the first time we've had to clean up after you.

You've been given another warning. If you continue to ignore this and make new threads every single time, you may see yourself getting banned.
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Here's the main models from case animontronics 1:

 Every model was added in psk format. However, the cat model has issues since, it's textures refuse to rip propperly. So, I'll rip the cat model from the Case Animatronics case file 2 with the other models later. 

[Image: case_animontronic_1_models_release_downl...s7Re3-xO4I]
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