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Cant get models from WOG (Unity)
Hello everyone,

first post here, so dont be too harsh if I overlooked something.
I need your help with a sideproject of mine. I want to rip the models from a Unity game called World of Guns: Gun Disassembly - But so far all my attempts failed.
There was a topic here 3 years ago which also lead nowhere.

I myself are quite inexperienced when it comes to ripping models, so i am not sure if what I tried was actually the correct method to get the files.
When checking the recourse.assets with UABE it doesnt have any relevant meshes inside. Nor does any other of the .assets in the game folder.
Usind ninja ripper gives me a genereic error message when running the game.
3DVIA Printscreen just does not work with this game.

But it really bugs me, that i cant find the models in the asset files. The recources.assets.ress file is quite big, so my guess is that the models and textures are in there, but I havent figured out how to open that one...

I would really appreciate your help a lot, since getting those models would save me a FUCKTON of time.

Have a great day everyone Big Grin
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